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Week 1 – Working and schooling from home

It’s Wednesday, we’re all maxed out on almost everything, and so I’m going to keep this simple. Two separate top three lists.

The top three things you can do to make your home internet access more secure.

  1. Change the default password on your home router.
  2. Update the router firmware/software on your home router
  3. Install ad filtering/blocking

The top three things you can do to improve your home internet access performance.

  1. Plug in – utilize a physical (non WiFi) connection as often as possible
  2. Tune up – call your internet service provider and tell them you need more bandwidth. If cost is an issue, ask them to help.
  3. Drop out – turn off and unplug devices you don’t need. Smart televisions, dishwashers, audio equipment, game consoles, smart home devices