Monthly Archives: May 2006

On a roll

Another greenlight on !

I'm creeping up on half a dozen.  I think I found a decent way to uncover newly published articled. I believe this has been key to my success.  Or maybe the Fark Administrators are just being kind.

Oh, and Meatloaf is awful. 

Go Threshers!

A good buddy of mine is getting married soon.  We both attended Bethel College – The Home of the Threshers.  We also share an affinity towards baseball.

Tom now works for a major media outlet in the Tampa Bay area.  Because the Devil Rays are almost as awful as his native Royals, Tom searched elsewhere for quality baseball entertainment.

He found the minor league team in Clearwater.  Quite appropriately named – The Threshers.

He also scored some  boss Thresher gear and was cool enough to share:

Clearwater Threshers

Thanks Tom!  And best wishes to you and Amy! 

I am blessed

I have always struggled with what I believe.  I don't know and continue to ask questions.

I have found things within religion, spirituality, and faith that I know I believe to be true and good and beautiful and right.  I have also found things within these by which I cannot abide.

I know I have a beautiful son and a wonderful wife.  I know I have a family that loves me and a circle of friends who are talented and kind.

Because of these things I feel truly blessed. 

Calling all inventors

Someone needs to invent an anti-stupid machine.  Or maybe just a common-sense enhancer.

I know I'm not the sharpest tech guy out there.  And I also know that I make mistakes.  I get rushed to meet a deadline or I don't consider an important part of a specific part of a tech issue.

However, I take pride in the fact that I rely on my common sense and my ability to judge the overall effectiveness of a solution.  I also err on the side of caution when implementing new technology or testing a fix.  This approach has served me well in my career.

I wish others would follow it.  I have lost track of the times I have been working with a business partner or 3rd party provider and witnessed stupidity so overripe that it falls onto all of those involved. 

This is why I am awake at midnight for the second night in a row.