Monthly Archives: September 2006

Today seems like a good day…

…to make beer.

The first day of the Fall season finds me brewing a batch of Texas Blonde Ale.  I picked up the kit when I was in Austin from the fine folks at Austin Homebrew Supply.

I've been making mostly extract batches lately, so this time I choose to make a mini-mash.  It always takes longer due to the added time for the mash.  I'm not sure if it makes that much of a difference.  If I like this kit, I'll try the all extract next time.

And, I need to plan my next batch of Abe's Important Stout.  It's a great beer to have around for the colder months.

The weather is beautiful, the schedule of the day is open, and I am going to relax and make beer.

A nice Sunday drive

Rumley 15/25
Dad and I got the Rumley running yesterday.  The magneto was still charged and the engine actually started without too much trouble.
The fuel pump wasn't bringing fuel in so we worked on it for a couple of hours.  We checked the fuel lines, cleaned out the check valve, and re-wrapped all the threads with Teflon tape.
Finally, we blew some air into the fuel tank and forced fuel into the lines.  The pump took right off.
Rumley Oil Pull
Abe said the tractor was too loud.  He stood on the platform with me and asked what all the pieces and parts did.
Now, we need to clean the exterior up and repaint some things.  And, we'll probably work on the rest of the engines next time.
I put more pictures in the BungoJungo Picture Gallery