Monthly Archives: June 2007

Bad coffee is easy to find

I think I need to add a category that is dedicated to coffee rants.

On the way into work this morning I realized that I hadn't stopped at  Caffe Moderne for coffee in a while.  So I parked in the 15 minute loading zone out back and walked to the entrance.  They've added a gate around some nice looking outdoor seating.  After much confusion, I realized I was smarter that the gate and figured out how to open it.  Then, I walked to the front door…..locked.  Apparently, Caffe Moderne has decided to follow the footsteps of other fine downtown Wichita coffee shops and not server coffee in the morning.   Maybe they're trying to cut overhead but it still baffles me (easy to do like a gate) why COFFEE shops aren't open to serve COFFEE in the MORNING.

I made the mistake of driving through the Dunn Bros across the alley.  Awful.  I can get burnt drip coffee with fake cream at the office and not have to pay ANYTHING for it.  How this place remains operational is a mystery to me.

A Starbucks would make a bundle downtown.