Monthly Archives: April 2006

Another one on the way

The doctor confirmed today that my wife is 10 weeks along.  On the way back from the clinic Abe said, "I heard the baby's heartbeat!"  The tentative due date is set for November 23, 2006.  One day after my niece's birthday.
We are very excited and were happy to hear the heartbeat.  Neither of us were expecting a sonogram so that was an added bonus.

A change will do you good

I've changed the site layout again.

I didn't like the contrast of the previous theme.  The text could be hard to read at times and I didn't really like the logo all that much.

Plus, I was looking for a reason to use the picture in the header.  My dad's neighbor near Pratt, KS is a custom cutter.  Dad enjoys helping him out during the harvest.  We took this picture last year and it is one of my favorites.

The new theme isn't necessarily as polished as some of the other ones I've seen.  But, I like the layout and the color scheme.

If anyone has feedback on a better one, let me know. 

Jacked up Java

I don't mind paying for decent coffee.

I generally order a triple shot mocha because I like the fat, sugar, and chocolate that comes along in a nice caffeine kick.  I'm not an expert at choosing coffee, but I know what I like.

And, and a general rule of purchasing, I try to buy local.  I like to support local enterprise because I believe it is a sound choice from an economic standpoint.

I used  to frequent Java Nation on Douglas in Old Town.  The nice lady who owns the place made a decent cup of coffee and the scenery was pleasing.  The place is also conveniently located close to my place of employment.  However, she has apparently changed her hours of operation.  Java Nation (a COFFEE shop) is not open for business weekday MORNINGS.  Since I am no longer "hip", I don't really care to drink massive amounts of caffeine at 10:30 pm when, wonder or wonders, Java Nation IS open.

In light of this, I was forced to find another local place for coffee.  I was eating lunch at The Anchor (also on Douglas close to Old Town) and saw that they have an espresso bar.  So, a couple of weeks ago, I swung through and grabbed a mocha.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a nice balance between the espresso and the milk / chocolate.  In my advancing age I have noticed that if the coffee I drink isn't fresh or brewed properly I'll pay for it in stomach acid later.  The first mocha from The Anchor was very nice.  Plus they're open in the FREAKING MORNING!

This morning, I realized the I needed a swift caffeine kick in the ass.  I swung into The Anchor again and bellied up to the bar to order my triple shot mocha to go.  The same barista dude from the last time makes it for me.  I tip him a buck and cruise into work.  It tastes like they swept up the bar floor detritus, dumped the ashtrays into a Bunn and had some homeless people urinate into filter basket.  It is completely the opposite of the first one.

I drank it anyway.  I am not about to throw away all that stupidly spent money.  I'll probably give The Anchor another try sometime in the future.  I'm hoping it was just an off day for barista dude.

It's either that or Starbucks.  And Starbucks is way out of my way.

Supporting the local economy through sloth. 

Everyone has one

I've consumed my fair share of fermented and distilled beverages.  And, more often than not,  I have enjoyed the experience.

During one of my forays into alcoholic consumption, I arrived at the following postulation:

Everyone has an evil liquor

The fundamental principle of this postulation is that every person who enjoys alcohol has a particular version of alcohol that is anathema to their very existence.

Mine is the spirit distilled from the following:

Seriously, why would any person with a shred of sanity pour something down their gullet what tasted like a Christmas Tree?

I have never been inebriated due to gin, and I hope I never am.

Top 5 missed opportunities

By request.

    1. Not spending more time with my grandfather.

My grandfather was a very intelligent person, probably the best example I know of a self made man.  He built his own house, taught economics and business at the collegiate level for 35 years, and was a fine woodworker.  He turned 80 the year I started college.  I spent my freshman year at the school he taught at for so many years.  I know now that he was in the very early stages of Alzheimer's at the time.  I spent too much time accomplishing little during that year and squandered a chance to spend more quality time with him.

    2. Bob Dylan opening for The Grateful Dead in RFK stadium

I believe it was the summer of 1995.  I was in Washington DC for a journalism conference one of my professors recommended I attend.  One of the guys I went to Poland with was living in DC at the time.  He had an extra ticket for the show.  I didn't have  enough money to change my plane ticket so I didn't go to the concert.  I'm not a huge fan of The Dead, but I regret not coming up with the money to go to the show.

    3. My failure to learn another language

I lived in Mexico for 6 months, I studied in Poland for a semester, and I took two semesters of German in college.  In spite of all of these things, I am horribly monolingual. 

    4. Radio internship

After my junior year in college, I had a chance to do an internship at KFDI in Wichita, KS.  KFDI is a country station with a good focus on local news and weather.  I needed money to pay the rent, so I didn't do the internship.  I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have ended up with a career in any type of media, but I still would've liked to have had the experience. 

    5. College

Overall, I would say that I had a very good college experience .  The liberal arts environment was very fruitful, and allowed me to participate in many different activities.  I enjoyed being on the radio, singing in the choir, doing lighting design for drama productions, editing the literary magazine.  I think I missed some opportunities in the academic arena.  I wish I would have taken more theory courses.