A change will do you good

I've changed the site layout again.

I didn't like the contrast of the previous theme.  The text could be hard to read at times and I didn't really like the logo all that much.

Plus, I was looking for a reason to use the picture in the header.  My dad's neighbor near Pratt, KS is a custom cutter.  Dad enjoys helping him out during the harvest.  We took this picture last year and it is one of my favorites.

The new theme isn't necessarily as polished as some of the other ones I've seen.  But, I like the layout and the color scheme.

If anyone has feedback on a better one, let me know. 

3 thoughts on “A change will do you good

  1. Matt Post author

    I've changed the text. Internet Explorer is stupid in the way it parses the css for this theme. I didn't really want to change the picture so I just took off the .com at the end of BungoJungo. It looked great before in Firefox.

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