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The end is a beginning

Much of the past few weeks have been spent thinking of, acting on behalf of, talking or being with my fraternal grandmother Mabel. I’ve spent more time with her in the past 6 weeks than I did in the previous 30 years. Until she moved to Wichita, we never had a particularly close relationship. She was never outgoing, gregarious, and she always called me “Champ”.

Grandma Mabel is the strongest fighter I’ve ever known and I’m certain she’s never thrown a punch.

I was sitting with Grandma last night. We looked at the picture from her kitchen. The picture of her wedding day. She stands straight, dark, and beautiful next to Grandpa John. The smiles on their faces and the synchronized twinkles in their eyes have been genetically transferred to their great-grandsons. Miles, Abe, Tynan, Otto, Owen, Leo, Ronan, and especially Huey. They possess all those mischievous possibilities in their own eyes.

Her initial words to me last night were a croaked, “I love you.” I left her in hospice care to tend to my own and she left me with a clear admonishment to “hold your moments with them close.”

And I trust that clarity because I know she spent her life fighting for it.

Many pictures

So I finally got around to uploading pictures.  Many pictures.

The ones on Abe's site include playing in the snow and snapshots right after he got his tooth pulled.

The ones on Leo's site include some very nice smiles.

The ones on this site include some more Guitar Hero action and a few shots of the family. 

Time marches on

I haven't posted anything in a while.

My life is rolling along.  The boys are healthy.  Spring is coming.  And, Daylight Savings wasn't too much of a pain.

I have a bunch of pictures I need to upload to Abe and Leo's sites.  I did not inherit the attention to archival detail that my grandfather possessed.

I'm excited that baseball season is nearing.  I promised myself that I wouldn't attempt to keep three fantasy baseball teams afloat this year.  I think that may be a smart decision.

So far, I have $166.70 accumulated on MTURK.  I think I'm going to set my sights on a 32" monitor instead of a Wii.

This is all rambles.