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Anchors Away

No More Anchor

No more coffee from The Anchor.  Ever.

BungoJungo readers should be familiar with my failures to procure a decent cup of coffee in the morning.

On a fine, crisp spring morning such as this I thought that some freshly brewed espresso swimming in chocolate and steamed whole milk would be tasty and delicious.  I suppose it would have been if I could have found one.  I'm beginning to think that it's a mythical substance; doesn't really exist.

I swung by The Anchor on Douglas again this morning.  It seemed a little more active than usual as it was not just me waiting on coffee.  It looked like they were completely replacing the keg lines underneath the bar, so there were several workmen in addition to barista dude.  There was also another person waiting for coffee.  I didn't have the heart to ask him how his tasted because he was actually drinking it at the bar in a glass mug.

Maybe barista dude was distracted by all the activity.  I think he either has ADD or a festering hatred against decent coffee.  I actually paid attention to him while he was making my coffee and now I know why it tastes like brackish boiling water poured over rancid hay stalks.

He didn't change the grounds.  He made the coffee for the guy ahead of me and then ran water over the same grounds to make my mocha.

Here is a picture of my punch card from The Anchor:

Anchor Card

Here is a picture of me shredding my punch card from The Anchor:

Shred Anchor Card

I'd still go there for beers.  It seems like a nice atmosphere and they have a good selection.

But no more coffee. 

New links

I've added some new links to the sidebar.

The link for Art historical images points to a site created by Dr. Mary Ann Sullivan.  Dr. Sullivan taught English at Bluffton College (I still can't bring myself to refer to it as a University) for many years.  I was fortunate enough to be part of a group from Bluffton, led by Dr. Sullivan, that studied in Poland during the Spring of 1993.  The site is an amazing collection of photographs taken by Mary Ann.

I've also added a link to KBCU .  KBCU is the Bethel College radio station.  I was the Program Director for the station when I was in school and consider it one of the best experiences I've ever had.   The medium of Radio is a mess right now.  KBCU is one of the great stations still on the air.

Welcome Tynan

Tynan Joshua

My new nephew, Tynan Joshua, was born yesterday at approximately 11:30 CDT.  He weighed 8lbs 10ozs and has more hair than I do.

We went to visit them in the hospital last night and everyone is doing very well.  I think Abe really enjoyed meeting his new cousin.

Tynan Joshua

More pictures are available HERE


I went to see Mission Impossible III in the theater today.

I'm glad I only paid $4 for a ticket.

I haven't seen the second movie in the series, so I don't really know how this compares.

The Bourne series is much better. Those seem to be better composed pieces less dependent on blowing up things.