Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television

What is it with Republicans from Wisconsin? Truthfully, I could have left off the state specification there. The most recent political figure I have respect for is Ben Kingsley’s Veep character from the movie “Dave”.


Joe McCarthy made his name by unfounded accusations and having a penchant for showing self-pleasuring tactics on microphone models.



He reportedly died in 1957 but may have been re-animated by the Tea Party to read Green Eggs and Ham in inappropriate public places.

Richard Nixon also rode the wave of the Red Scare to build his political career. I really don’t have anything I’d like to spend more time on writing about Nixon. Besides, he shows up again in the song.

Studebaker reminds me of “Happy Days” because that’s what Mr. Cunningham drove and was probably where Ron Howard initially got to second base. Their last car rolled off a production line in the Canada in 1966. There is a Studebaker National Museum which appears to be not entirely about cars. And I’m fairly certain the Grateful Dead dropped acid and appropriated the Studebaker logo:

Television is not just a mind-numbing media wasteland, it’s also a “seminal” NYC band that I probably haven’t heard enough of to form an opinion.

Apparently, Kurt Cobain once played righ-handed

Apparently, Kurt Cobain once played righ-handed

My childhood household received exactly ONE television channel. KEYC is a CBS affiliate in Mankato, MN. I remember they had a Polka show on (seemingly every Saturday when I really wanted to watch TV). The show is called “Bandwagon” and is apparently still on the air. It was hosted by a gentleman named Chuck Pasek who’s name I remembered tonight after 30 years even though I actually forgot what floor of the parking garage I parked on this morning. Chuck can be seen in the clip below from 1983:

Yes, this is who I received all my news from as a child

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  1. David

    Pasek needs a new tailor for his 3/4 length sleeves. I remember KEYC as the only time I have been on television. We all went up there as a choir group and sang Christmas carols, while they taped the show.

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