Wild blue yonder

My Uncle is a pilot.  My Aunt says he just sits in the front seat and makes "plane noises", but I've actually flown with him.

Early on in his career he flew some very interesting routes and rides.  I once wrote a story for one of my high school English classes about how he flew over the original Woodstock festival.  Not true, but an interesting concept.

Anyway, he has a fascination for seaplanes.  Particularly Grummans.  I guess when you fly multi-million dollar biz jets equipped with anti-missile technologies for a living, the other side of the aeronautical spectrum provides a respite.

Grumman Widgeon

That's a Grumman Widgeon.  Only 266 of them were produced from 1941 to 1955.  And my Uncle is buying one.  From Alaska.  He lives in Pennsylvania.  He is going to fly it from Alaska to Pennsylvania.  I really wish I could make the trip with him.

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