Pampas grass and hop vines

I finally got around to doing some yard work yesterday.  The lawn still looks horrible, but I did get the sprinkler system turned back on.  And, I'm going to take this Friday off to over-seed and put some more mulch down.

Every year I forget how sharp dead pampas grass is.  This year was no exception and I slashed one of my fingers again when I was cutting back the plants.  Perhaps, someday I'll be smarter than a plant.

I also remembered to check my hop vine:

Hop vine

It looks healthy.  I need to find a better way to train the vines this year.  I had a half way decent harvest of cone flowers last year, but I know it would have been better if I had trained the vines vertically. 

I also really need to rack the stout I have in my primary into my secondary.  I've had issues obtaining sustained fermentation in the last couple of batches and I think it was because the basement was too cold.  Hopefully I can get it straightened out.


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