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Mish Mash

This post is dedicated to my lack of an attention span…

Billy Packer is a moron. His color commentary during the Florida / Villanova game made me want to drive to the Metrodome and shove a hammer down his throat.

A perfect case in point was his derision of Noah’s free-throw form. Noah converted 13 out of 15 attempts (86.6%). Packer said something to the effect that Noah’s free throw shooting form would catch up to him in the long run. Noah shot almost 72% from the stripe during the regular season (a statistic provided by CBS during Packer’s comments on Noah’s form). Who cares what his form looks like?

There is a seriously funny video on Classic Arts Channel right now. Ugly German babes in wheat fields. It is really cracking me up. The dudes are wearing some boss looking spectacles though.

I’m thinking of changing this site to a straight-up WordPress blog. The Joomla stuff is sort of interesting, but I don’t really have enough interest in it to use it to the full potential. Most of what I’m doing is just bloggy-stupid anyway…

Claymation Rigoletto is kind of creepy.

The notes keep coming

I’ve been in kind of a musical rut lately…

I don’t think I’ve put any new music on my iPod in months.  And, I know I haven’t changed out the cds in my truck since I bought it last summer.

I have deceided to search out new artists.  One of the people on sent me a great link to the South by Southwest Music Festival coming up in Austin.  I’m fairly sure I won’t be attending, but there is a comprehensive list of the artists performing at the festival on the site linked above.  We’ll start going to concerts again soon.

So, I spent part of today looking through the list and downloading tracks.  There is some great stuff in there.  Pink Nasty (yes, the site is safe for work) actually hails from Wichita!  Check out her site and listen to some tracks.

I also heard The Weepies last night on The World Cafe.  I was very impressed.  Deb Tannen has a great voice and the songs I heard had great composition both lyrically and musically.

So, hopefully I’m on track to get out of my musical rut.  I still love listening to all the stuff I currently have and am excited about some of the new stuff I’ve found.

Next up is going through all of my CDs, ripping, and effectively cataloging them…

Touch ’em all Kirby

Kirby Puckett has passed away.

After suffering a stroke on Sunday March 5 2006, Kirby Pucket passed away the next day.

Kirby is one of the primary reasons I love baseball. I used to fall asleep listening to Twins games on WCCO. And, there was nothing more thrilling that hearing his name announced over the public address system in the Metrodome.

I know he wasn’t always the nicest person. He had faults like all the rest of us. However, he was always a joy to watch play the game. Kirby was a throwback player, a guy who stayed with the same team through some really lean years and some remarkable triumphs.

I hope Kirby is at peace now. I have his autograph somewhere and I need to find it. I wish I could have told him when he signed it how much fun I had watching him play.

Goodbye Kirby

Joey Cheek

Joey Cheek is my favorite Olympian.

Joey Cheek won an Olympic gold medal yesterday in the men’s 500m speed skating event. His win is a remarkable achievement. His comments after the race were even more valuable.

Cheek used his moment in the media spotlight well. Calling attention to the genocide and despair in the Darfur region of Sudan, Cheek pledged to donate his medal bonus to relief efforts in the area.

Specifically, Cheek’s $25,000 will go to, an organization started by Johann Olav Koss. Koss, a former Olympic and World champion speed skater, founded Right to Play to use “sport and play as a tool for the development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.”

Thank you Joey Cheek. You are a gentlemen and a fine human.

For more information on this story, please see Michael Rosenburg’s article at The Detroit Free Press.