Mish Mash

This post is dedicated to my lack of an attention span…

Billy Packer is a moron. His color commentary during the Florida / Villanova game made me want to drive to the Metrodome and shove a hammer down his throat.

A perfect case in point was his derision of Noah’s free-throw form. Noah converted 13 out of 15 attempts (86.6%). Packer said something to the effect that Noah’s free throw shooting form would catch up to him in the long run. Noah shot almost 72% from the stripe during the regular season (a statistic provided by CBS during Packer’s comments on Noah’s form). Who cares what his form looks like?

There is a seriously funny video on Classic Arts Channel right now. Ugly German babes in wheat fields. It is really cracking me up. The dudes are wearing some boss looking spectacles though.

I’m thinking of changing this site to a straight-up WordPress blog. The Joomla stuff is sort of interesting, but I don’t really have enough interest in it to use it to the full potential. Most of what I’m doing is just bloggy-stupid anyway…

Claymation Rigoletto is kind of creepy.

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