The notes keep coming

I’ve been in kind of a musical rut lately…

I don’t think I’ve put any new music on my iPod in months.  And, I know I haven’t changed out the cds in my truck since I bought it last summer.

I have deceided to search out new artists.  One of the people on sent me a great link to the South by Southwest Music Festival coming up in Austin.  I’m fairly sure I won’t be attending, but there is a comprehensive list of the artists performing at the festival on the site linked above.  We’ll start going to concerts again soon.

So, I spent part of today looking through the list and downloading tracks.  There is some great stuff in there.  Pink Nasty (yes, the site is safe for work) actually hails from Wichita!  Check out her site and listen to some tracks.

I also heard The Weepies last night on The World Cafe.  I was very impressed.  Deb Tannen has a great voice and the songs I heard had great composition both lyrically and musically.

So, hopefully I’m on track to get out of my musical rut.  I still love listening to all the stuff I currently have and am excited about some of the new stuff I’ve found.

Next up is going through all of my CDs, ripping, and effectively cataloging them…

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