Einstein, James Dean, Brooklyn’s Got a Winning Team

So I didn’t post two updates to this exercise last night and I missed the opportunity to connect the first item in this lyrical part with an actual point in time. So I guess I fail at being relative (not the first time).

December FIFTH (not SIXTH like today is) 1932, Albert Einstein received the visa that would allow him to travel to the United States.


I’d make a mass joke here but I don’t have the energy, how enlightening.

James Dean was an actor in the 1950s, and a REBEL Dottie. I haven’t seen any of the 3 movies he was in so I’m not even going to attempt to complete this one.

Brooklyn’s Got a Winning Team is a reference to Dem Bums what played in Flatbush from 1884 until 1957. This specific reference relates to the fact that the Trolley Dodgers actually won the series in 1955 by defeating the ever present (and equally evil) Yankees in 7 games. The boys in blue would move to Cali shortly there-after.

The only tie that still binds is one Vincent Edward Scully. Listen to him call a game while you still can. You’ll be able to brag to the historical equivalent of hearing Lincoln make a speech.

Ebbets Field haunts my baseball dreams. Maybe it stays in my unknowable unconscious because I love baseball. But I’ll only ever be able to imagine the brilliance of an opening day in perfection 100 years ago.


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