I’m a strange inspiration

I hang out in one of the FARK forums.  To quote someone else's description, "It's sort of social…demented and sad, but social."

Anyway, one of the other people that posts there is a reporter for a Kansas City television station.   I may have posted a picture of me enjoying the R2D2 mailbox outside the office building I work in.  Apparently, this struck some sort of geek chord with Ms. Koppelman to file a story.  The picture below is linked to it.

Tess Koppelman


2 thoughts on “I’m a strange inspiration


    GET OVER YOURSELF!!!! I LOVE BEAR GRYLLS!!!!! At least Bear does many different episodes unlike survivorman! And Bear is Hot as hell!!! i love it when he takes off his shirt… yummy! 🙂 unlike survivorman where i wanna puke!!!! Who cares if he is not alone and has a camera crew, he is still doing what he is suppose to do and that is showing people how to get out of bad situations!
    I LOVE BEAR!!!!!!


    BTW In the beginning of survivorman it says that if he needs assistance he gets it, meaning there are people there! At least Bear does deny that people are with him!

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