mturkin’ fool

"Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers. And, get paid for it."

That's the gist of Amazon's Mechanical Turk (mturk). Each piece of work submitted is called a HIT.

And, as the previous post states.  I'm going to mturk my way to enough cash to buy a Wii.

Here's the latest tally:

HITs Submitted:    2162
HITs Approved:     1822
HITs Rejected:      69
HITs Pending:       271

Total Earnings:      $28.11

I'm over a TENTH of the way there.  Assuming my wife will spot me for shipping.

Most of the HITs I've done have been fairly tedious.  Generally, they consist of things like pulling information out of scanned documents or matching codes to a master list.  By far the most humorous one I've done so far is:

"Saving bananas"   The question is what is the best way to carry a single banana in order to protect it from bruising or otherwise being damaged. 

My answer was to create a sleeve made out of the "shock lock" material being produced by d30 Labs .   They haven't paid me my ONE CENT yet for this ingenious proposition.

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