Baseball is expensive

First of all, I'm posting this from my phone so excuse the syntax and spelling. If I feel like cleaning it up when I get home I will.

Two seasons ago when I was working for the company who shall not be named I scored some dugout suite tickets at Kauffman Stadium. I got these tickets through a vendor who was trying to sell me a Storage Area Network.

Anyway, watching the Twins from literally next to their dugout was a blast. I took a good buddy with me (see and we wore our Twins gear and everything. We got to talk to Ron Gardenhire (Twins manager) and generally thought we were pretty cool.

Ever since then, we've been talking about getting a group of our friends and families together to rent one of the dugout suites for ourselves. Until yesterday. I called the Royal's ticket office to check on pricing and availability. $4000 for one suite. And that only comes with 30 tickets ($75 per additional). Unbelievable.

I think I'll stick to splurging on Club Level seats.

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