Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson

In the course of this song, the “Ole Miss” reference is mostly likely tied (due to chronology) to James Howard Meredith


I certainly don’t have even a minuscule fraction of the courage Mr. Meredith has.  I hate Old Miss because they’re a horrible SEC school.  Mr. Meredith fundamentally changed how our educational institutions believe.

I can barely get off the couch.

John Glenn was born with a set of adamantium testicles.  I pretty sure NASA had about a 40% rate of confidence that they could get Glenn into space and back again safely.  After his first orbit aboard Friendship 7 the automatic systems designed to control the flight of the craft failed and he manually flew the remainder of the mission.  During subsequent orbits , his sensors reported that the heatshield, designed to keep him from turning into man-bacon upon re-entry, was “loose”. He came back to earth anyway.  This page has some EXCELLENT photos.

The 1962 Heavyweight Title boxing match between Charles “Sonny” Liston and Floyd Patterson was billed as “The Most Lucrative Fight In History”.  Ring-side seats cost $100 (or $782 in 2015 money).  Ring-side seats for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight of May 2015 cost $87,000 (or the annual GNP of the Belgian Congo in 1962).  AND, Liston and Patterson actually HIT each other.

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