Buddy Holly, Ben Hur, Space Monkey, Mafia

I have the perception that this is where all goes awry in the song. There are more four event phrases (Hula Hoops, Castro, Edsel is a no-go) and the strict chronology goes out the window. So, it’s off the rails we go…

Every time I think of Buddy Holly:


I think of Elvis Costello (nee Declan MacManus):


One of them had an 18 month career; died in a plane crash and the other married:


Ben Hur is another one of the epic movies that I’ve never seen and probably won’t have time to review. Meh.

From epic chariot races (yes I have anecdotal knowledge) to MONKEYS! No, CHIMPS!

Space Monkey is a most likely a reference to “Ham the Space Chimp/Monkey”:


AMERICA is obviously more humane than the RED THREAT (poor doggie Laika). We put a close relative to humans in space AND we brought him back!


For Bokononism’s sake! Our FUTURE PERFECT LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD loved chimps/monkeys!:


*warning!!! this entry based almost entirely on sarcasm.

Oh! and GOODFELLAS/CASINO/GODFATHER/EVERYTHING SCORSESE!!! That should cover me for the mafia right?

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