Princess Grace, Peyton Place, Trouble in the Suez

Did I ever really listen to this song? I know my hearing is bad, but I thought for the longest time this stanza was:

Princess Grace, gave good face, trouble in the sewers.

Anyway, Grace Kelly was an American actress in the “golden age of Hollywood”. I know very little about movies from that era. She married Prince Rainier of Monaco in April of 1956. Had a stroke while driving in 1982 and died a day after the crash.

I am now typing this with one hand because Otto is sitting in the chair with me.


Peyton Place is a novel written by Grace Metalious and published in 1956. It centers around women characters of “illegitimate” parentage. Salacious for its time it was of course made into a movie.

The trouble in the Suez was a clash of western (British and French) political and economic interests against Egypt’s anti-colonial sentiments and desire for sovereignty. Egypt’s President Nassar (remember him?) took control over the Suez canal because the US and the UK pulled the funding they had pledged for the Grand Aswan Dam. France, Britain, and Israel invaded with a peace agreement eventually brokered by the UN and the US.

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