Dien Bien Phu falls, Rock Around the Clock

Dien Bien Phu was the site of the final French-led battle in Indo-China (Vietnam). I’m still trying to figure out how France thought they could actually win at any thing, let alone a large military endeavour, less than a decade after the end of World War II.

Even more baffling to me is the fact that the United States would think it was a good idea to stick our collective noses into this mess. Reviewing history and spotting insane geopolitical decisions is easy. And, we still invaded Afghanistan. Because that was so successful for Soviets in 1979. And the British in 1878. And the British in 1839 (yes, twice). And Timur in 1383. And Genghis Khan in 1219. And so forth all the way back to Alexander the Great in 330 BC.

All of that nonsense and death reminds me of this song:

I also have to admit that I never really knew what Billy Joel was singing for the lyric here. I guess I heard it as “Den Ben, Fool Falls”.

Rock Around the Clock is probably best known as a hit for Bill Haley and His Comets.

I will always remember it as the theme song for the first season of Happy Days:

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