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Nice game

HHH Metrodome Roof

On my trip to Minnesota this past weekend, I was fortunate to see a Twins game in the HHH Metrodome.  It was my father's idea and we had a great time.

The visiting Brewers had no chance against the red hot Twins.  Francisco Liriano struck out 12 in 8 full innings of a three-hit shutout.  A beautiful pitching performance.  I hope that the Twins can hang onto Liriano.  He's only 22 and shows tremendous poise and concentration. The long term tandem of Liriano and Santana would keep the Twins at the top of the pitching ranks.

Twins Beat Brewers

The Twins also played solid fundamental baseball and gave Liriano an 8 spot of run support.  By the time Morneau hit his solo home run the Twins had the game well in hand.  They are a good team.  They play largely independent of a reliance on home runs and support a solid pitching rotation with good defense.

An 11 game win streak got snapped by the bottom-dwelling Royals last night.  And, the Tigers and White Sox keep winning at about the same pace.  I would have never thought that the AL Central would be the strongest division this year. 

It’s a boy!

We just got back from my wife's appointment.

Leo Benjamin Pankratz

And, we're having another boy.  More importantly, everything checked out okay on the initial review of the sonogram images. My wife keeps assuring me that she feels good about having another boy.  Although she did say, "Hopefully, one of my sons will like shopping."  I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that.

Leo's foot is also clearly visible in the picture below.  The sonographer was a very strange lady.

Leo Benjamin Pankratz's foot

Rolling along

We took Abe to see a full size Thomas the Tank Engine.  Yes, there actually is a full size Thomas.  Probably several.  They hold events like this across the country.  And I'm sure they rake in the cash.

Abe said that he had fun.  Of course, he also said that his favorite part was watching the videos in the tent.  He didn't want to get a tattoo so my wife got one instead.

Boss tattoo

More pictures are available at the following URL:  

It’s part of summer

Our development has a pool.  We pay for it via our home-owner's association dues.  Sometimes it is open.  Most of the time it is closed because the developer who put it in obviously suffers from a severe intelligence deficiency.

Anyway, my wife took Abe swimming last night.  There are some pictures at .  I've also linked the image below to a .MOV clip of Abe swimming.

Abe Swimming