Monthly Archives: June 2006


There is a reason I weigh 800 pounds.  Okay, there are several reasons.  The best one is that my wife is a FANTASTIC cook.

Last night, she whipped up some chicken scallopini:


Yes, I took a picture of my food.  It was worthy of being saved for posterity. 



We had a nice time in Breckenridge this past weekend. It was where my wife wanted to go.  We left Abe with one of the sets of grandparents and enjoyed a peaceful, relaxing time.  We both really missed Abe and it was good to get back.

The Breckenridge area is quite beautiful and the weather was great.  Highs were in the 60s or 70s and lows were in the 40s.  We spent some time walking on trails in the mountains and my wife spent a surprisingly small amount of money.

We visited the Barney Ford Museum and the Country Boy Mine and both were very interesting.  We also saw a play at the Backstage Theater.  It had probably been years since I sat through an entire production as audience member.

I've added a link on the sidebar to pictures .