Rosenbergs, H-Bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom

Julius was a spy for the Soviets, no one knows for sure about Ethel. Morton Sobel (a co-defendant) in the 1951 trial eventually admitted to working with the Soviets. When the Rosenbergs were executed on June 19, 1953 they left behind two sons (10 and 6 years old). Robert and Michael have apparently tried to live out some of their mother’s final words by creating a foundation to assist the children of activists.

So apparently nuclear fission wasn’t ENOUGH of a deterrent. Edward Teller (in partnership with Stanislaw Ulam) went ahead and developed nuclear fusion (think THERMOnuclear). Basically, take the heat from a “traditional” fission reaction and use it to exponentially boost the atomic yield of a radioactive payload by creating fusion. This approach reduces the fallout and radiation of the explosion which REALLY makes a difference when you can use weapons of this type to instantaneously turn millions of people into dust.

Teller turned out to be a particularly turdish fellow who threw Robert Oppenheimer to the Red Scare, pushed for the Strategic Defense Initiative (Reagan’s Star Wars), and openly advocated for the non-military use of nuclear explosives. Thanks for all nightmares and atmospheric pollution you Hungarian Asshole.

So long, and thanks for all the fis(sion)!

The United States first tested H-Bombs over the Bikini Atoll during Operation Castle (which was itself an extension of Operation Crossroads). I highly recommend the documentary film “Radio Bikini” for further information.

Walker Smith Jr. still ranks as probably the best boxer to ever live. He chose the moniker Sugar Ray Robinson because Sodium Cyclamate Robinson was being used by another fighter of his era who defeated all of his opponents by TKO (Cancer).

Panmunjon proper is now an abandoned village on the boarder between North and South Korea. The Korean Armistice was signed in Panmunjon in 1953 and a series of buildings were built nearby. These buildings are officially known as the Joint Security Area yet still often referred to as Panmunjon.

This is one of the soldiers who “guards the door to North Korea”.

Don't go in there dude.  Rodman's still using it.

Don’t go in there dude. Rodman’s still using it.

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