Finally, decent coffee

Two new coffee places on my way to work have recently opened.  One of them (Dunn Brothers) isn't worth making any further comments.

However, Caffe Moderne is fantastic.

Caffe Moderne Wichita

The coffee was excellent.  The pricing was reasonable.  And, the decor is very urbane with a relaxed atmosphere.  I will be recommending it to all and hopefully we'll be able to use it for Bethel Alumni gatherings in Wichita.

They do need to work on their website though.

2 thoughts on “Finally, decent coffee

  1. Melody

    Well, you made me look. You’re right, the website could use some work. Well, more than just some. I was wondering about you being bold by taking a picture, until I discovered you got it from the website. Thanks for the links to the family pictures.

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