Top 5 missed opportunities

By request.

    1. Not spending more time with my grandfather.

My grandfather was a very intelligent person, probably the best example I know of a self made man.  He built his own house, taught economics and business at the collegiate level for 35 years, and was a fine woodworker.  He turned 80 the year I started college.  I spent my freshman year at the school he taught at for so many years.  I know now that he was in the very early stages of Alzheimer's at the time.  I spent too much time accomplishing little during that year and squandered a chance to spend more quality time with him.

    2. Bob Dylan opening for The Grateful Dead in RFK stadium

I believe it was the summer of 1995.  I was in Washington DC for a journalism conference one of my professors recommended I attend.  One of the guys I went to Poland with was living in DC at the time.  He had an extra ticket for the show.  I didn't have  enough money to change my plane ticket so I didn't go to the concert.  I'm not a huge fan of The Dead, but I regret not coming up with the money to go to the show.

    3. My failure to learn another language

I lived in Mexico for 6 months, I studied in Poland for a semester, and I took two semesters of German in college.  In spite of all of these things, I am horribly monolingual. 

    4. Radio internship

After my junior year in college, I had a chance to do an internship at KFDI in Wichita, KS.  KFDI is a country station with a good focus on local news and weather.  I needed money to pay the rent, so I didn't do the internship.  I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have ended up with a career in any type of media, but I still would've liked to have had the experience. 

    5. College

Overall, I would say that I had a very good college experience .  The liberal arts environment was very fruitful, and allowed me to participate in many different activities.  I enjoyed being on the radio, singing in the choir, doing lighting design for drama productions, editing the literary magazine.  I think I missed some opportunities in the academic arena.  I wish I would have taken more theory courses.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 missed opportunities

  1. Boo

    I thought you were doing missed opportunities with women. This is more profound but doesn’t sell to a larger audience. Sex sells. OK quickly then. Here are my missed oportunities (mostly non-women variety):

    1. Not challenging myself sooner. For many reasons. I’ve never been the type for hard work and all that but if I knew in high school what I learned the hard way in college things might have turned out different. You might be calling me “sir” right now.
    2. Threesome. I wish that I could add this to my wild college sex stories. I’m sure in hindsight (the next morning actually) that I could have made this happen with two frat groupies at the bar. They had fake ID’s, I had money in my pocket, and we were boozing hardcore for my frat brother’s 21st BDay. They wanted me to stay and party with them, instead I helped carry my brother home. Stupid.
    3. Travel to Europe for a summer. I wish I had made this happen. I would have had great adventures. I would gotten to see Europe.
    4. Play Football. When I was a kid I thought it would be fun to play football. My mom was mostly against it. And I was too afraid to try in high school. I became a total football junky in college. I even watch both days of the NFL draft. I wish I had done this.
    5. Not interviewing for that NSA job. After I had accepted my offer at PPG, a professor recommended me to the NSA. I wish I had checked it out. I bet they do some fun stuff there. And last I checked the NSA was not outsourcing. . . Sorry Offshoring.

  2. Boo

    I’m sorry you never got to do number one on your list. I made seeing my grandfather a priority after my grandmother died and I am so glad I did. Even listening to the same story for the 50th I still get a nice window into my grandfather and the times he lived in and what he overcame. Hopefully you won’t miss out on that same opportunity to get to know your own father and if you’re lucky you can give your kid the same opportunity with your dad that you missed out on with your grandfather.

  3. Matt Post author

    I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with him as a child. I just wish I would’ve been more open to listening to him that particular year.

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