Hypodermics on the shore, China’s Under Martial Law, Rock and Roller Cola Wars

Hypodermics on the shore, also known as the Syringe Tide, was the result of medical waste being dumped in the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island.  This is how many of the beaches along the Jersey Shore looked in 1987-88:


I think Snooki is under that rock in the middle.

Speaking of toxic waste and ocean pollution…  According to this study, there are approximately 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic floating in our oceans.  A 19 year old Dutchmen has developed a boom system to start collecting all the plastic shit us horrible humans have been dumping.


This image is my generation’s Hippie flower in the end of a rifle.  Tank Man (real identity still unknown) solitarily stood in the path of Chinese tanks whose purpose was to clean out the student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square.  Hundreds (or thousands depending on the source) of pro-democracy citizens protesting the oppressive Chinese regime were slaughtered in the hours before Tank Man took his stand.

Now, the world buys everything from this nation.  The sins of consumption push us all beyond justice and peace.

The Great Cola Wars of the 1980s lead to hair on fire, diabetes, and horrible Super Bowl halftime shows.

The best response I’ve ever seen is Neil Young’s video below:

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