Terror on the airlines

Well, that was certainly a break in writing.  And, I probably should’ve grouped this lyric with the last post.  To play catch-up and hopefully get myself into the writing grove to FINALLY finish this “project” I’m going to knock this one out quick.

In the course of this historical progression of this song, we’re in the early 80s.  Reagan is reigning supreme and The Doomsday Clock is fueling the nightmares of 6 year old me.

According to my absolutely not extensive research, there were 14 hijacking episodes on civil aviation flights between 1981 and 1984.

One of them involved an Australian ex-Trappist Monk named Laurence James Downey who, shortly after takeoff, doused himself in gasoline and demanded that the Pope release the Third Secret of Fatima.

The plane was diverted to France where police stormed aboard and apprehended Friar Larry in an entirely peaceful manner.  The video above has some great evidence of the passengers noshing with their rescuers.

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