Birth control, Ho Chi-Minh, Richard Nixon back again

Since I just got done reading about various Popes and Catholic edicts, I’m not sure that a diatribe on birth control is worth it.


Summary: So far, we haven’t figured out how to live in numbers off this planet.  We’re heading towards 8 BILLION people.  I am not skilled at the maths, but I do remember a fruit fly experiment in biology from 7th grade.  You know, the one where the fruit files live in a controlled amount of space and are given enough food to eat?  Yeah, they all die.

More importantly, choice.

Ho HO Ho.

Nguyen That Thanh born 1890, Marxist, Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City after his death.

Richard Nixon survives 5 o’clock shadow and the suffocating charm of JFK to become 37th POTUS.  Serving from 1969 until leaving office in 1974 for completely unknown, undocumented, and wholly mysterious reasons.

The only redeeming thing about Nixon may be his middle name.  Very similar to George Wanker Bush.

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