Dylan, Berlin, Bay of Pigs invasion

I continue to suspect both my hearing and comprehension while I’m writing these. I thought that the first word of this stanza was “Building” filtered through Billy’s Long Island accent to sound like “Buildin'”.

I recently listened to the Piano Man (legacy edition) which includes a live performance of the entire “Cold Spring Harbor” album at WMMR in Philadelphia in 1972. It is perhaps one of the most amazing live performances I’ve ever heard. Billy at 22, sipping beers, playing tunes, and kicking ass with his band. This entire live recording is what I believe radio should be.

But anyway, back to Bob from Billy.

I’ve seen Bob in concert (early 2000s, Wichita, KS Century II). My wife and I went. What I remember the most is how many times she asked me, “WHAT is he saying?”

I’ve also been to Berlin (1993 maybe 94). I went there with a group of Bluffton University (nee College) on a hastily planned Easter holiday trip.


One of the people in this photograph is the biggest Bob Dylan fan I’ve ever known. Someone else is my second or third cousin. And another person hated the Jackson 5.

If you’d like to learn about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, I highly suggest reading this multi-volume history written by CIA historian Jack Pfeiffer. It is a definitive study of paranoia, Intelligence agency incompetence, and government/corporate collusion.

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