U-2, Syngman Rhee, Payola, Kennedy

Not this one:

CERTAINLY not this one (ugh):

But probably this one:

U-2 Spy Plane

The event here involved one Francis Gary Powers and “overflights” by the US into Soviet airspace. An official account (at least from the American perspective) can be found herein https://history.state.gov/milestones/1953-1960/u2-incident

I would consider the nomenclature “overflights” to be redundant. Are there underflights? Also, how did someone with the first name of Francis get a gig like that in the 1960s?


Syngman Rhee served as the head of state for South Korea from 1948-1960, including the Korean “Conflict”. He died in exile in Hawaii in 1965. I think I would like to die in exile in Hawaii. I also used to think that Billy sang “Sigmund” Rhee.

“Payola” references a (supposedly covert) pay-to-play debacle involving American record companies and radio stations. Back in 1959 Alan Freed and Dick Clark blah blah blah money under the table, music “Industry”, etc. Freed Suffered the most from this thin excuse to keep Rock (and/or Roll) Music off the radio and away from the CHILDREN! Instead, radio (at least the commercial veins) became a homogeneous hinterland ruled by playlists and corporations. Did you know that 117% of all commercial radio stations are owned by 2 corporations? Also, it is totally NOT illegal to publicly disclose that Corporation X is PAYING to have a particular song played 17 times every hour. Just make sure you tell someone that is the case, failure to do so = Payola.

And still, I miss being on the air.

I still have to write about Kennedy? Sheesh.

Camelot, OG filthy Papist Prez, mob cohort, son of Nazi lovin’ papa Joe, tragic.

Is that enough?

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