Marciano, Liberace, Santayana Goodbye

Rocky – the original (yes, I realize this is a derivative AND an easy out). BTW, NSFW.

I have a distinctive memory of thinking about Liberace at Voss Park in Butterfield, MN. I’m sure I was there to attend the Butterfield Threshing Bee. I haven’t been to the Bee in 20 years, but I could probably walk to the spot where I heard part of a conversation regarding Liberace. It was about half-way back into the audience from the middle of the stage. There was a (at the time) middle-aged woman talking about how much she loved Liberace. How talented he was, how handsome, what a showman.

Maybe I remember it now as a sign of how sheltered I was and the opportunities I was given in my childhood. She’s probably as dead as Liberace now and I’m not going to watch the HBO movie because it would ruin my tween years. Light the MENORAH JOHNNY POPPER!

I have to admit that I always heard “Santayana Goodbye” as Sat-eye-anna Goodbar. And all I could think of was candy bars and peanut allergies.

I had at least 3 things (as any respectable list does) to post about Santayana and how he was an interesting philosopher, forward thinker, influence on Mr. William Martin Joel. But, life got in the way. So all you get is a weak allergen joke.

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