North Korean / South Korea, Marilyn Monroe

A land divided cannot stand. Unless it’s the Dakotas because no one wants them united. On the north side, we have despots, famine, and Dennis Rodman. And representing the south; K-POP, robot-Einstein overlords, and Hyundai.


Reading about Hyundai led me to the word: Chaebol which translated roughly means conglomerate but is literally a combination of the Korean words for wealth and clan. The Chosŏn Dynasty ruled the Korea peninsula for over 500 years or 4.2849 times the minutes it takes my 6 year old to eat any dinner with vegetables.

Marilyn Monroe had 17 different names, 43 husbands and single-handedly ruined the economies of multiple nation-states. She loved street vents. In fact, she was the Will Rogers of street vents. I’d post a picture of her but her “estate” made $27 million in one year recently so I don’t think she needs the publicity.

This post brought to you by the number ridiculous.

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